The South Riding RV Travels



We have stored our RV for the winter in an unheated barn about 40 miles south of Buffalo. Not the warmest of places and they measure their snowfall in feet. I blocked all the vents and aircon with plastic sheeting and tape to keep insects and small animals out. We put Bounce sheets in all the storage compartments (the things you put in tumble driers with the laundry, and recommended by several people as better and not as unpleasantly smelly as mothballs). I blew out all the water lines with compressed air and put in a couple of gallons of RV antifreeze (not forgetting both the indoor and outdoor shower heads). I checked the antifreeze in the radiator and in the windscreen wash bottle. I put some anti-varnish additive in the fuel and ran the generator for a few minutes. Incidentally this revealed that the generator will not run if you have less than a quarter of a tank of fuel (its a safety feature!). Finally we put a couple of wire wool  pads in the exhausts (engine and generator) and turned off the batteries. I hope that is enough. We will take it to the local Ford dealer for an oil change and overall check prior to departure in the spring.