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11th September 2012

2012 and another tour begins. This time will be largely a trip of revisiting the friends we have met in our travels because we have decided that next year may well be our last tour. Insurance is becoming more expensive and will become almost unobtainable in a few years. Our visa expires next year and although we now only come for three months it is another break point. The main reason though is that we have now been in all 49 mainland states plus all the Canadian provinces which have metalled roads and all the Mexican provinces we can reach within a three month window. Besides we have other places we want to visit and our home in France is somewhere we would like to be in for more of the year. The RV is also showing its age (10 years old) and its mileage (125000+ miles).

This year we are starting in Phoenix and will have a fairly rapid journey up to Buffalo via Chicago. We want to get there before it snows and/or gets too cold to be that far north. Then we plan to visit New York City (since everyone should do that once). Then we head south to Philadelphia, Virginia and Georgia before ending up at Atlanta. From there we fly home, leaving before the air fares rise again for Xmas.

So the RV has been recovered from storage, checked and serviced, cleaned and fuelled up. We are now just waiting for the arrival of some friends, who will travel with us for a while, and then we will be off.

Watch this space.