The South Riding RV Travels



We decided we needed a short shakedown cruise so we went 50 miles to the Erie State Park on the borders of Lake Erie. On the way we passed through road works (country style). At a town called Collins Central they had completely removed the road bed but left the traffic still running. Driving a 6.5 ton truck down this was a bit nerve wrenching but with a few tilts we managed ok. The state park camp sites are well organised and laid out (not cheap but a little less than the average for a commercial campground). On the other hand the view was worth it. We got plenty of advice from our RV neighbours on our recalcitrant awning. We also came across our first low bridge signed at 11 feet. Now the manual says the air conditioner rises to 11'6" but we had measured it at 11ft. We had also been advised that New York state allows a margin in its marking to allow for resurfacing work and the thickness of ice in winter. However first time out we weren't about to risk it so drove ten miles to get round it. Moral of the story is to stay on the red roads if there are likely to be bridges under the interstates or railways.