The South Riding RV Travels


News 2011

Well here we are again. This year we have decided to come in the fall whereas we have always come in the spring in the past. One of the reasons is that it enabled us to see our new (old) house and garden in France through the spring and summer which we had not managed so far.

The RV has been in storage in Seattle for over a year but does not seem to have suffered unduly. We had it serviced and I bought a new tyre so we now have correct 'E' ratings all round.

Last year we had an engine problem which meant that we had insufficient time to see Vancouver, so this time that is where we are starting (or Vancouver Island to be precise). We will stay in Canada until mid October before heading south. We have arranged to meet friends in Boise and take them on to Phoenix. This means we will do more miles more quickly than planned. The original plan was to only cover about 4000 miles this time. Plans beyond Phoenix are unknown, so we will see.....