The South Riding RV Travels


Choosing the Contents

Inevitably you need to equip the RV with all sorts of things from bedding and cutlery through to maps to tools. We spent approx $1000 on bits which we bought in various places in the US. We used Walmart, Topps, Sears, JC Penney, TJ Maxx, Big Lots etc.  All the big stores seemed to have permanent sales offers the whole time we were there.

As a rough guide we paid dollars for items which in the UK would have cost pounds. Most of the stuff we bought was made in China, which surprised us. The quality seems to be as good as we would get in the UK for the same number of pounds, and some things like sheets were much better. You can buy sheets in a wide range of qualities, and every package shows the quality (the higher the thread count, the better).

There are some things we might have wished for better quality (such as cutlery - we come from Sheffield) but then I should have paid more than $10 for a four place setting.

We didn't think of anything which we could not have bought in the US, although we will take our down quilt when we go back for the year (it can get pretty cold overnight in the desert or mountains). This is because we had difficulty in assessing the quality of the quilts we could find because they didn't use tog ratings, and down is expensive anywhere. The blankets were fine, we just prefer our quilt which is light in weight, rolls up very small when not in use, and serves as a 4 seasons quilt because the filling can be shaken out evenly or all to the bottom as required.

There are some things that were very difficult if not impossible to find, but these are not practical or legal to bring from home to the US:

The sugar free soft drinks I like, although there are a few other brands

Muesli.  Jan did find some - in Canada.

Decent cheeses and breads in supermarkets (although do check out local shops and farmers markets)

Most US supermarkets have about half the area a comparably sized UK one would have devoted to fresh produce and vegetables. And this is not the first section you come to - this honour seems to always go to the cakes. There is much more processed and junk food still.