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News 2010

25th July 2010

So as our 2010 tour comes to a close we are camped just north of Seattle as we clean and prepare the RV for storage through the winter before flying home. We have now visited all the mainland states and all Canadian provinces except the three most remote. I think it unlikely that we will visit them but you never know. The plan for next year is uncertain but we have plenty of time to work that out.

A few statistics since Americans in particular seem to like them. We have done 8000 miles consuming 800 gals at a cost of $3000. Replacing the spark plugs now means that we are getting 10mpg. Camp site fees were $2000 and food and drink about the same. We had four tyres replaced and there were other RV repair bills. But the RV has lost little value this year although it must now be considered a high mileage unit. However to us it is probably appreciating due to exchange rate changes.

We will be back next year.

11th May 2010

We are back on our travels. Having now visited all the lower 48 states, this year's target is Alaska. However the RV has spent the last 9 months in Phoenix AZ. Not the ideal jumping off point for Alaska. So we have an 8000 mile plan starting in Phoenix and ending in Seattle at the end of July. We have started with a short one week stay with our friends in Scottsdale who have been looking after the RV for us. It was an all too brief stay because our plan calls for a higher daily mileage than we normally do. The RV seems to have survived the desert well although I'm sure there will be some snags. So we will start with a fairly fast trip due north and hope that it doesn't get too cold too quickly.