The South Riding RV Travels


News 2008

We have returned for our fourth tour of North America. This year we are only here for three months since we have other things to do back home.

We had left the RV in Ohio over the winter because our insurance would not cover it if we kept in in New York State (bizarre). So we had left it with a dealer who gave it a big service (100,000 miles) and did some minor repairs and replacements. We now have new seals and a new awning over the slideout, and the windows have been resealed along with a small crack in the roof covering. Thus it should be good for a lot more miles yet.

My sister wants to visit the Grand Canyon etc so we have arranged to leave it for her in Arizona. Thus although we flew into Cleveland, we will be flying out of Phoenix, at the end of June. In between we want to visit Wisconsin and Minnesota, the last two states in the lower 48 which we have not yet visited. We also plan to visit Four Corners, Monument Valley and Mesa Verde in the south-west which we missed last time. In between we are not sure yet what to do.

So our start by going east to Buffalo and then south to Pennsylvania doesn't make a lot of sense until you realise that the season has not yet started here and most sites are closed, and it is still quite chilly, and wet! In fact snow is forecast next week, and it is almost May. They tell us that Southern Wisconsin had 120 inches of snow this winter - what is happening to the weather?

The Democratic primary is still running with Hilary Clinton and Barack Obama neck and neck. John McCain will now be the Republican candidate although at least half the Republicans now feel disenfranchised since they don't regard him as a real Republican (RINO - Republican in name only). From what we hear the country is pretty evenly divided between these four groups. Strong feelings are expressed on all sides and anybody could end up winning. Nobody has heard of Gordon Brown!

Things in general are pretty rough. Gas will be $4 a gallon everywhere before long. One gas station put up its prices by 27cents a gallon while we were there! And Jan says prices for food are up. We used to be cushioned by the pound-dollar rate but the pound is falling too at the moment. I wish I had moved more money into euros before the value of the euro soared.

Still most of our capital expenses here have already been made and this trip will mostly be just food, fuel and entertainment. All we need now is the weather....