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Comment on America

I have spent a lot of time talking with Americans, watching their television, listening to the radio and generally observing this country in action. In order that I may remember what I thought at the time I have recorded some of my thoughts. I hope that they may offer some insight into how this country functions, or doesn't, as seen from my European perspective. In doing this I am, without doubt, going to upset some people, where my perceptions are different to theirs. Can I assure such people that it is nothing personal to them but is my take on the society as a whole. Many of the observations also apply equally at home in Britain and within Europe, both of which are no less imperfect, just different. My observations here have certainly modified some of my perceptions of things at home. I have tried to be factually correct but much of this section has no right or wrong answers, and even the facts are subject to interpretation. I hope you find it interesting, which ever side of the pond you read it from. Finally to avoid upsetting one group who think, and act completely differently, I would like to point out that this section refers to the USA and not to Canada unless specifically stated.